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Wipes Trash Bags X-Large 28x37 (10 Bags)

Rs 190
152.0 pts
Available in
X-Large 28x37 (10 Bags) - 80 Ltr
Mini 18x20 (30 Bags) - 30 Ltr
Large 24x36 (20 Bags) - 60 Ltr
Small 18x24 (50 Bags) - 36 Ltr


Trash bags are one of those household items most people do not pay much attention to until they do not work well. No one wants to clean up the leaky, stinky mess from a trash bag that is split or torn. Buying the right trash bags means keeping waste contained while minimizing bad odors until it’s time to take the garbage out. In addition to durability, today’s trash bags may include features that fight odor and resist punctures. These trash bags stand out for their quality and effectiveness. Resists Odors and Punctures. The specially constructed and treated trash bags have internal webbing that expands instead of splits and it helps fight odors common to kitchen.