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Brite Maximum Power 170gm - Detergent Washing Powder

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-Whether your laundry challenge is heavy stains or routine soiling, Brite Maximum Power is your ideal laundry partner. -With its unique Stains Magnet Technology, Brite pulls out the toughest stains in one wash, taking care of your fabric and its colors. -Designed for machine and hand wash, it keeps your whites white and colors bright. -Brite Maximum Power can lift tough stains like coffee, tea, pomegranate juice, ketchup, curry, chocolate, ink, grass and mud etc, and leave your clothes feeling vibrant and fragrant. -It has an enchanting fragrance that keeps your clothes feeling fresh after every wash. -Adding a capful of Softlan to your laundry after washing will leave clothes feeling fresh, fragrant and silky soft!

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