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Brite Maximum Power Washing Powder 1kg x 2

Rs. 640
640 pts
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Bundle Offer (1Kg X 2Pcs)


Value pack bundle offer for your everyday laundry use! Brite Maximum Power comes with a powerful and unique Stains Magnet Technology, premium formulation designed to lift the toughest stains in one wash while taking care of your fabric and its colors thus ensuring your whites get whiter and your colors shine brighter. Even with consecutive washes, your clothes remain fresh and look as good as new. It can lift tough stains like coffee, tea, pomegranate juice, ketchup, curry, chocolate, ink, grass and mud etc, and leave your clothes feeling vibrant and fragrant. It has an enchanting fragrance that keeps your clothes feeling fresh after every wash. Adding a capful of Softlan to your laundry after washing will leave clothes feeling fresh, fragrant and silky soft!

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