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Bake Parlor Achari Macaroni 2 in 1 250gm

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250 gm


Bake Parlor Macaroni is pre-made pasta that can be boiled in 8-10 minutes and used in all of your favorite pasta dishes. Made from finely-processed wheat flour, this achari-flavored pasta will surely provide you with an authentic Italian experience. Try it with sautéed onions, fresh herbs, poultry or seafood; the possibilities are endless!
Whether you are craving carbs in the middle of the night or are looking for a meal before your workout, Bake Parlor Macaroni is ideal for you. Now if you are feeling hungry and are looking for a quick-fix, add Bake Parlor Macaroni to your cart now and get your delivery in under 30 minutes via Airlift Express.