Q. How do I place an order on the Airlift Express website?

A. Follow five simple steps to place your order:

1. Browse the categories of items on the or use the ‘Search’ bar at the top of the page to search for specific items.

2. Add your desired items to the cart by selecting quantity & clicking ‘Add to Cart’.

3. Click on your cart and click ‘Login to Proceed’.

4. Click Signup to create your Airlift Express account by entering the details.

5. Add your address and location details & click ‘Place your order’.

And you’re done! Your order will be delivered to you within 45 minutes if you choose express delivery!

Q. What are the timings of the store?

A. Airlift Express is operational from 09:00 am to 11:00 pm Monday through Friday. If you place an order outside this time, your order will be scheduled for the next day. We will call you for confirmation of your order the next day, and deliver your order within the allotted time.

Q. Airlift Express shows express delivery between 11am to 7pm. Does that mean that any orders are only eligible between these hours, or does your service extend beyond these hours. e.g. 8am or 9pm?

A. Any order you place outside the 11:00 to 7:00 pm slot will be scheduled for delivery next day. You will be called the next morning to confirm your order and then it will be delivered to you.

Q. Will I receive an order confirmation message?

A. You will receive an email confirmation of your order as well as a text message on your mobile phone!

Q. Will I receive confirmation when my order is processed?

A. Yes, you will receive a text message when your order has been processed.

Q. There are items in my cart, how do I check out?

A. Navigate to your cart and click ‘Proceed to Checkout’. To complete checkout, add your address and location details, then click ‘Place your order’ to confirm.

Q. Can I place two orders from the same account in one day? 

A. Yes you can!

Q. Can I place two orders from the same account at the same time? 

A. Yes you can!

Q. Will your service include fresh meat & vegetables items in the future?

A. We do not have this option right now. This will be available very soon!

Cancellations & Returns

Q. Can I cancel my Airlift Express order?

A. Yes, you can. For express delivery, you can cancel your order within 60 seconds of placing it. For scheduled delivery, you can cancel your order 1 hour before your scheduled time slot.

Q. There was one item missing from my Airlift Express bag. What is the process to get it back?

A. We’re sorry we missed out on one of your items. Our team is committed to ensuring 100% order accuracy – please reach out to us at 0311-1222806 and we can immediately sort this out for you.

Q. I placed an order but I no longer want it, what should I do?

A. You can cancel your Airlift Express order within 60 seconds of placing your order.

Q. One of the items I received was damaged. What is the process to get it fixed?

A. We’re so sorry you received a damaged product. Please reach out to us at 0311-1222806 and we can immediately sort this out for you.

Payment Methods

Q. What payment methods are available? 

A. Following are the payment methods available:

  • Cash on Delivery (COD)
  • Digital Payment with Debit or Credit Card! 

Delivery Processes

Q. What are your delivery times?

A. We have two options available for delivery.
1. Express Delivery – this option will get your grocery delivered to you within 45 to 60 minutes.

2. Scheduled Delivery – this option will let you schedule your grocery delivery at a time of your convenience.

Q. Can I tip my Grocerider?

A. Yes, you can! All tips go directly to our Groceriders and you can tip your rider when they come to drop off your order.

Q. Can I pay the driver extra and add money in my wallet?

A. No, currently we do not have this feature. But we’re working on it. Stay tuned for updates! 

Q. How much time do you take to deliver?

A. Our express shipping service delivers your groceries to you in 45 to 60 minutes! 

Q. What is scheduled delivery? 

A. Scheduled delivery allows you to place your Airlift Express order and choose the time of delivery as per your convenience. Our team will deliver the order to you on your select date and time!

Q. What are the delivery charges?

A. Our delivery charges are a flat Rs.100 for a single order. 

Q. Is there a minimum order limit?

A. Yes. There is a Rs. 200 minimum order limit.

COVID Protocols

Q. What methods are you taking to ensure safety from COVID-19?

A. We have strict SOPs implemented to ensure the safety of our team and customers. Our team has access to PPEs and is required to follow disinfecting / distancing protocols at all times. We disinfect our warehouse every two days, each item is disinfected before packing the bag for extra protection.

Q. What are contactless deliveries?

A. Contactless deliveries are a method to ensure you do not come into contact with anyone and receive your bags without hassle. Our Grocerider will leave the bag outside your door if you have paid your bill using our digital payment methods. We are launching this feature and you will be able to avail contactless deliveries very soon!

About Airlift

Airlift Express is an online consumer grocery delivery service that gets your groceries to your doorstep in just 45 minutes! We believe ensuring safety in these unprecedented times is critical – with Airlift Express, we want our customers to have the facility of having everything they need delivered at their doorstep.

Airlift started transit operations last year, successfully building and scaling Pakistan’s first decentralized mass transit system – Airlift Transit is operational in Lahore and Karachi.

Contact us:

For urgent queries & complaints, please call us at 0311-1222806. For general complaints & suggestions please email us at support@airliftexpress.com. Shop at www.airliftexpress.com or download the app Airlift Express available on App Store & Play Store.